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Flower Reed diffuser

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mσllчflσríѕt hσmє®
Reed Diffuser with REAL roses inside

English pear -the cheap version of the owner of jomalone recommends the same first taste (blue bottle)

COCO-Charming lychee fruit aroma, blending the taste of elegant rosebud Chanel coco recommended (pink purple bottle)

Teddy Dream-Fruity fragrance with powdery baby flavor (pink bottle)

White tea- unique fresh and rich fruity fresh and light taste, dedicated to her/him that is lightly cooked, elegant and warm (milk tea color bottle)

Rose-romantic rose fresh and warm (red bottle)

之前的浮游花升级啦 这次打造成室内植物香氛 各种味道都好喜欢 颜值和香味爆炸享受里面的花都是真花哦

English Pear 英国梨小苍兰 - 平价版的jomalone 店主推荐第一味道一样 ( 蓝色瓶)

COCO - 迷人的荔枝果香、调和着优雅玫瑰花苞Chanel coco的味道 推荐第(粉紫瓶)

Teddy dream -果木香调带有粉粉的baby味道(粉色瓶) 

White tea-独有的清新与浓郁果香清新與淡麗的味道,獻給輕熟、優雅又溫暖的她/他 (奶茶色瓶)

Rose -浪漫玫瑰花香 清新热烈(红色瓶)

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